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Hunter/Jumper barns in CA [21 Apr 2009|10:58pm]

Hey, it's been awhile since I've posted. Does anyone here know of any good hunter/jumper barns in Southern California, especially around LA? I'm applying to a lot of jobs there but I cannot do the move (from outside of Boston) unless I know there will be horses...and quality trainers. Any advice??

[13 Jun 2008|05:57am]


Hey all, I just wanted to show you all this neat sim game I play for free online. You show and breed horses and ponies. The colors are based on real-life genetics. It is one of the most mature, friendly and challenging sim games I have played online. I have been playing for over a year and it just keeps getting better. The Moderating team actually enforces the rules (on the rare occassion someone breaks them) and the atmosphere, especially on the forum is intelligent and polite. We are having a referral contest right now which is part of why I am posting this, so even if you don't really want to play, if you have a minute just to look at the page, I would greatly appreciate it. If you do decide to play, look for me as Katalyce on the forum and at Jovian EqCenter in the game. ENJOY!

Excerpt: Medicine, Horses, & Motherhood [17 Dec 2007|04:28pm]
I have permission from publisher Sunstone Press to distribute an excerpt from an unusual crossover novel by Texas surgeon Barbara Bergin. "Endings" mixes Bergin's own worlds of medicine, horses, and motherhood with a strong romantic core.

It's the story of Leslie Cohen, a 40-year-old doctor who perpetually takes temporary "locum tenens" assignments to stay on the move. While filling in for an orthopedist in Abilene, Texas, she meets a man who might make her quit running.

"Endings" is laced with loving descriptions of ranch and horse life, packed with fascinating accounts of medical procedures, and loaded with mystery surrounding Leslie's hidden history.

The excerpt is entitled "Reining" and is a detailed scene at a horse event that Leslie and her date attend. It shows off the author's background as a nationally ranked horsewoman.

You can read the excerpt at the following URL:


HUGE Breyer model horse sale! [13 Dec 2007|02:11pm]

Hello there!

When I was younger, I was really into collecting Breyers, but as time went on (particularly when I moved to a house with less shelves), that interest faded. Since the Big Move, my 100+ head of model horses has been sitting in boxes in my garage, waiting to be dusted off.

Well, they're dusted off now, but I unfortunately still have no where to keep them and, since I'd like to go to be able to pay for college (or a real horse?!), I thought it would be better to put all the ones I could part with up for sale in mostly small lots on eBay.

All the starting prices for the auctions are crazy low, with (I think) reasonable Buy It Now prices. While most of the models are pretty common, I have a few up that were limited edition or some sort of special.

So! I invite you all to please take a look at my 30+ lots of model horses and perhaps find two or twenty for yourself, or someone like you.

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First ride without Razz... [03 Dec 2007|09:56pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

 Today was the saddest night I have ever felt before. Carole told me that I could pick a horse that I wanted to ride, so I chose Charley. He's a big percheron. It was just entirely too hard for me to know that Razz wasn't there. I brought the hay cart down towards his stall, and...I swear to God I could hear him crying out to me in my head wanting hay. It made my heart twinge and I wanted to cry so badly. To not have him there makes it extremely hard, but he'll always be in my heart, like Emmel told me. I rode Charley tonight, but my heart wasn't into it. I smiled, but my pain showed. I was heartbroken and just wanted to sit on top of Charley and walk around for the rest of the lesson, which is what I did. Honestly, I felt like crying. It's still all to devastating. The news destroyed me in ways that I didn't know it could. My heart has never felt this low in such a long time. And I know Razz wouldn't want me to be sad, but he made me so happy. He gave me the confidence I needed to strive to do better. Tonight was a sad ride for me, and I know Carole saw it in me. I just wanted to walk around, I was too upset and distraught. I do not want to give up riding, because I love it with all my heart. To know that Razz is on Rainbow Bridge waiting for me, puts my heart at ease. Words cannot describe how much I loved Razz, and still love him. He will always be apart of me, in my heart and mind forever.

I ask that you all bare with me while I go through this grieving. Razz and I were close, and I just am trying to get better, but it won't for some time.

Thank you.

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"Horses Leave Hoofprints On Our Hearts." [01 Dec 2007|11:33am]

[ mood | crushed ]

 And that is immensely true, too. Nearly three years ago, I rode a horse that I've never ridden before. I had to ride him, because the horse I normally ride was out of work for a bit due to a splint injury.  The horse I got to ride was Mr. Razz. A 16.1hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. I was nervous of riding a new horse, because for the longest time I was riding a 15.1hh Draft Horse named Arthur. So if you've ever done that, you would know that it's a big difference. Arthur was short and stocky while Razz was tall and lean. It was a big difference for me, too. I got on Razz and Maire (my instructor at the time) told me to get used to him. I trotted him and I started to laugh, only because I said, "He's bouncy." It was fun, too. :) I had a big grin on my face the entire time. When it was time to canter, Maire told me to stay on half the arena so I could get used to him, and I did. He was a new horse for me, so I had to get used to him. I started to canter him, and WOW. I loved his canter. It was the most smoothest canter I have ever felt before in my life. He made me get a big smile upon my face and I just was happy. After I was done, Maire told me that that was the best canter she had ever seen me actually SITTING for. I did feel myself sit, too. It was just awesome. I loved it. I have taken my two worst falls off of Razz. The first fall was when we were coming down from a canter, and he took a bad step and fell down. I went over his head and landed on my hands not too far in front of him. I turned and saw Razz just sitting there, and I was in shock. They told me to get up and out of the way so Razz could get up, too. And I did, and he got up. Have you ever seen a horse do that? Just wait until you get out of harm's way before he/she gets up? Amazing, I was totally blown away at the fact that Razz was waiting for me to get out of the way. It was something I'll never forget. The next fall was just a few months later, I believe, and we were going over raised cavaletties (spelling?). I went through and I don't know what happened, but we bounced way too much and he tried to stay under me, but the next thing I knew, I was falling off to the right. I ended up with a contusion (bruise) on my rib, because I was in a lot of pain. My dad came home and took me to the ER, because of it. After that ride, I was nervous about getting up on Razz. I wanted to do it though, because I wanted to. So I rode him in a clinic with an amazing woman that really helped me get over my fear, and it worked. Razz gave me the confidence to continue my work with him. That summer, Razz had a real bad puncture wound on his shoulder, and I was devastated and I couldn't just sit by and watch. I did help and cold hosed it and such. I'm sure Razz was grateful. He did get spoiled a lot. :) This past year, I rode him in the student horse show at my barn, and I didn't place in W/T, but I did place in W/T/C. I placed 6th, out of like 12, I believe. It was insane. Yes, they should've split it up, but oh well. I was glad that I placed. :) During the next few months I learned of Razz's squealing when you go from walk or halt up to canter. He absolutely LOVES things like that because it makes him work more and he just loves it. I totally knew that he did, because after I would do that and get him to go to trot, he didn't want to. It was the cutest thing EVER. I had to be strong with him, because he was really moving forward, it was great. During the summer months, it was fantastic. We got to ride out in the outdoor arena, and I loved it. We were able to breath more and feel the air rushing over us as we walked, trotted or cantered. I have been the luckiest person on earth to come across a horse that loves to be ridden and to be happy. I am sad to say that My Razzle Dazzle passed away on Friday, November 30, 2007. He had a badly broken leg, and there was nothing they could do. The barn manager was nice to call me and tell me so I didn't get a surprise when I went in there the next time. Mr. Razz was 20 years old....a horse that I love and truly miss.

Please look at the link below and see the horse that I have loved for so long.


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[26 Nov 2007|06:24pm]

I want to go to a horse college in Europe/anywhere but America.
I need help, reccomendations, whatever relates to studying abroad with horses.
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Join Howrse! [24 Nov 2007|12:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

 Alright, so, this Howrse game is awesome. I've been playing it since the summer and it's completely addicting! There's a sponsorship contest going on now and I'd really like to see how many people I can get sponsored. :) So click the link below and JOIN! Thanks!


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16" Collegiate English Saddle [19 Sep 2007|07:27pm]

Hi, I'm selling my English saddle for $400 OBO. It's a great saddle in really good condition (considering that I bought it used and I've had it for two years). Check out the ad on Craigslist for all the details.


I'm located in Olalla, WA.

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Lessons in San Diego [27 Aug 2007|07:31pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I just moved to the San Diego area and have always been interested in taking horse riding lessons (no particular discipline in mind). I'm 22 years old and have no experience at all. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good reputable places to go in the San Diego area for lessons. Thanks a bunch.

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random thought! [24 Aug 2007|06:54pm]

hey everyone! :]

i just remembered i used to have a community where you could get horse icons, horse headers, and horse friends only banners. i won't be making anymore, but you can go there and take some. :] don't worry about crediting or anything, i'm over that. lol. let me know if you do take some, though, it will humor me!!! :]

for any of you who remember this, my old lj username was _impetuous_.

on to the point of this entry...


Horse for Sale: Located in TX [31 Jul 2007|08:32pm]

"Desert Mirage," 13y/o Thoroughbred located in El Paso, Texas.

Due to nabbing an utterly amazing working student opportunity up state, I've got to sell my horse. Now, I'm not sure if this is necessarily one of the best places to post something like that (in which case, please do point me in the right direction!), but I figured it was worth a shot. In any case, we're selling Mirage because my family simply cannot afford to keep a horse while I'm away for the next year (following that, I'll be going to college where I probably won't be able to afford to take him to either, so this i just the beginning in a long string of absences that bring us to this decision). As much as I hate to come to this point, I honestly think it's more fair to Mirage to sell him to someone who is going to be able to love, care and work with him than let him rot in the paddock - he loves to work and frankly I'm a little worried he might get depressed if he's not doted on regularly. At the moment, I've got a few people at the barn keeping on eye on him, hopping on and the like, but I'd really like to find him a new caring home.

More information and pictures under the cut...Collapse )

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piccie-tures! [31 Jul 2007|04:52pm]

i took a pic when i was walking to my horsie's pasture with treats in my hand. i took it with my camera phone.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"omg! MOM! treats? can i have one!?"

some REALLY old pics for the heck of it...Collapse )

hope you enjoyed. :)

add me if you would like. =)
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more piccies.. better quality:D [26 Jul 2007|08:59pm]

definately not dialup friendly. 74 pictures:P

on to the important part!Collapse )

another fun filled day at the stables. hope you enjoyed!
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piccietuuuures [26 Jul 2007|08:58pm]

i went picture wild at the stables the other day.

enjoy!Collapse )

i'd have to say the pics turned out pretty good. they all came from my camera phone and the one's of the other horses were taken while i was riding my horse.

hope you liked;)

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