K-Ho (keeta) wrote in equimania,

HUGE Breyer model horse sale!

Hello there!

When I was younger, I was really into collecting Breyers, but as time went on (particularly when I moved to a house with less shelves), that interest faded. Since the Big Move, my 100+ head of model horses has been sitting in boxes in my garage, waiting to be dusted off.

Well, they're dusted off now, but I unfortunately still have no where to keep them and, since I'd like to go to be able to pay for college (or a real horse?!), I thought it would be better to put all the ones I could part with up for sale in mostly small lots on eBay.

All the starting prices for the auctions are crazy low, with (I think) reasonable Buy It Now prices. While most of the models are pretty common, I have a few up that were limited edition or some sort of special.

So! I invite you all to please take a look at my 30+ lots of model horses and perhaps find two or twenty for yourself, or someone like you.

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